Take Advantage of Our All-In-One Service

With digital signage, you not only take a step towards the digital future, you give your company and your products a modern advertising presence at the point of sale. The market growth of new digital signage installations is constantly increasing, but classic digital signage applications are already outdated and new, innovative solutions are in demand.

Finger on the Pulse with Cutting-Edge Digital Signage

With our highly innovative ConSys products, we want to provide you with tools that stand out from the wide range of digital signage solutions. As one of only a few suppliers in Europe, we thus provide you with a modern, independent and highly flexible all-in-one system that is cutting-edge and offers you the necessary scope that you and your stores require. We are able to implement almost all customer requirements.

Our All-in-One Service

For us, all-in-one means you obtain everything from a single source. We not only install monitors, but we see ourselves as a full-service provider and will assist you throughout all stages of implementation. From comprehensive consulting, design and content production to technical implementation and subsequent service and support. You benefit from our know-how and years of expertise and can thus devote yourself fully to your core business.

We work 100% in a needs-oriented manner. This means that optimal consulting is our top priority. In detailed discussions, we will show you solutions for your market and design the ideal digital signage concept for you.

You outline your ideas, wishes and requirements for the implementation of your digital signage solution, and we will use our industry expertise to design the right solution for you in terms of employed technologies, positioning, size and number of screens and much more.

Our perfectly designed concepts support rapid and effective project implementation. We will assist you in all steps of the implementation, such as the installation and commissioning of hardware as well as the installation of mobile internet solutions for rented shop windows.

There are continually factors that jeopardize fault-free operation and thus the optimal advertising presentation. For this reason, operations management is of great importance to us as a full-service provider. Your digital signage will be constantly improved and further developed via complete system monitoring, status queries of the players, and regular software updates. Furthermore, external sources of error, such as power supply problems, can also be identified and resolved.

All advertising content and graphics that you need for your screens can be created in-house on request. The process occurs quickly and easily via short communication channels and you thus do not have to involve a third party. The presentation of your advertising content naturally complies with all current guidelines of digital marketing.

You have a choice. You can either manage your advertising content yourself or have it maintained by us on request. We will also be there for you just in case and will assist you with any questions about your product. In addition to support communication via phone, e-mail or WhatsApp, we will also assist you in a very innovative manner – via an augmented reality solution.