Give Your Target Group What It Wants

Smart digital signage is intelligent and customized, making it arguably the most innovative solution to present your products at the POS and actively support the sales process. The smart version of digital signage makes the sales experience even better. The interaction of artificial intelligence, optical image recognition and machine learning makes it possible for our software to analyze situations in front of the screen and then adapt advertising content in real time to the scenario in front of the screen. Advertising messages thus always hit the mark, and your marketing will be a complete success because, from now on, you will address customers individually with smart digital signage.

The Advantage Over Customary Digital Signage

A classic digital signage solution always presents advertising content in a predefined sequence. Several times a day, the currently displayed content may not be suitable for the audience in front of the screen. This is where smart digital signage intervenes.

Even More Intelligent Thanks to Marketing-Relevant Data

With smart digital signage, you not only get an instrument with which to play advertising messages to the target group. You can also collect data and understand your target group even better. Our software not only analyzes the situation in front of the screen, but also collects this data and uses it to generate important statistics which will help you to define your target group even better. Of course, all data is collected in accordance with all legal requirements, which means that it is processed in the form of cumulative numerical values and can be retrieved as a daily, weekly, monthly or annual report or can be analyzed directly on the platform at any time. This gives you an optimal overview of all your points of sale in real time.

Flexibility at the Highest Level

Another advantage of our system is its flexibility. Depending on your wishes and specific requirements, our modular software system enables adjustments that optimally support your workflow. By means of intelligent interfaces, we can exchange information and add new functions, plug-ins or other interfaces in the simplest manner.

Use our all-in-one service  and let us design an innovative digital signage concept for you.