Increase Your Sales Revenue with Digital Advertising Directly at the Point of Sale

Digital signage, thus the display of moving images and dynamic content on screens, is a true alternative to traditional advertising media for any company as it can quickly and easily transport any digital media content to one or more screens at the sales location. By combining images, films, interactive content and the ability to control all monitors centrally, digital signage solutions offer enormous advantages over classic advertising variants.

One software – many advantages:

  • Customized messages for your target group
  • Direct interaction with the target group
  • Increased length of viewing time at the POS
  • Rapid change of content in real time
  • Reduced advertising material costs
  • Location-related communication

Ease of Use

No more complicated processes! With our digital signage solutions, you can share videos, images and a lot of other content from your self-defined playlist directly via the web interface. Our solutions are easy to use, saving you unnecessary third-party configuration costs.

Global Accessibility of All Players

All your media content is stored directly in your dedicated cloud by our software. This means that content is accessible at any time around the clock for all your digital signage players and locations. No matter where they are in the world. If you nevertheless experience some difficulties, our Service Team is always available.

With our all-in-one service in the area of digital signage, you obtain everything from a single source, starting with the design via the implementation as well as the associated support and the ongoing maintenance of your digital signage products.