Smart Digital Signage

Smart Digital Signage

Increase your turnover in realtime

Increase your turnover in realtime

Smart Digital Signage

Smart Digital Signage

Increase your turnover in realtime

Increase your turnover in realtime

Your Full-Service Provider for Digital Signage

ConSys offers much more than just simple screens for presenting your advertising. We are the full-service provider for digital communication at your points of sale throughout Europe. Take advantage of our all-round stress-free service in the area of digital signage. This is because we take care of the planning and design aspects as well as their implementation and also the accompanying maintenance of your digital communication solutions.


Personalized Digital Experience for Your Customers

We go one step further than anyone else with our smart digital signage. With artificial intelligence and the most innovative optical image recognition, you can play highly flexible, personalized content in real time, tailored to the audience in front of your screen.

Adapt the Advertising Content Immediately Depending on the Situation

Our software is able to analyze the situation in front of the screen – thus age, gender, number of persons and their length of viewing time – and immediately adapt the advertising content to the audience.

Gather Valuable Information

However, that’s not all. Our smart digital signage solutions not only analyze in real time, they also gather the obtained marketing data. With just one click, they filter all relevant information and generate easily understandable statistics directly via our online platform, without having to install complicated software. You thus quickly and easily obtain important statistics that are useful for further marketing activities.

Your Advantages with Smart Digital Signage

  • Optimal placement of brand and product messages
  • Maximization of your sales revenue through highly flexible target-group-oriented advertising
  • Real-time analysis of your POS
  • Optimization of your marketing strategy via the obtained data
  • Best possible adaptation of your range to your customers
  • Actual frequency measuring


Integrated Design and Management of Your Content

With ConSys software, you no longer need an additional program to create the content for your screens. The associated CMS system is already integrated into our products.

You simply log in via your account’s very easy, user-friendly web interface, which enables you to create, manage, and transfer content in real time to your equipment at the point of sale. The changes are then applied immediately.

Our expert professionals will also happily assume this task for you.

Real-Time Management

The administration of all your digital signage locations thus could not be easier. This is because you can see live what is playing when and where on your players via your personal web interface, which can be used on almost any device.

Flexible Live Content

The highly innovative software also enables you to make flexible real-time interventions – and to do so immediately on many screens. Your content is always up-to-date and is based on your audience’s interests.

Automatic Updates

Your system is always up-to-date. No more annoying updating because your software is always up-to-date via automatic security and function updates.

Parallel Analysis of Customer Behavior

Adapt your content perfectly to your target group. By means of the obtained marketing data and generated analyses, your target group can be defined even better, thus enabling you to customize your content even more.